Sunday, December 8, 2013

iPads and Projects and Apps, OH MY!

Some of my amazing colleagues from
Norfolk Academy during the conference.
L to R: Scott Fowler, ElizabethGlassman,
Maria Moore, Susie Coker and Ed Patterson
I had the fortunate opportunity to attend and present at the Ed Tech Teacher iPad Summit in Boston November 12-15, 2013.  For any educator who is thinking about using iPads, just starting to incorporate iPads or is a master iPad user in their classroom, this is the conference for you. This was my second time to attend the conference, and once again my brain was filled with so much amazing information I am now just able to put it in writing. Just over a year ago, I was introduced to some of the most influential educators I have encountered. The team of Beth Holland, Shawn McCusker and Greg Kulowiec have emerged as the long distance tripod to balancing the world of the iPad. They are my go-to people with questions and ideas. Their influence brought me from being a novice iPad user to now being a knowledgeable resource in my school.  They are the reason I blog, tweet and take risks.My colleague, Ed Patterson (@espatterson), and I presented at the conference about using iPads in the middle school science classroom and our experience over the past year.  You will find the resources to our session at the following links.

iPads and Projects and Apps, OH MY! Prezi
Live Binder Resources for iPads and Projects and Apps, OH MY!

As with any work in progress, I wish I had more time to share the amazing work of my students and colleagues during the quick 50 minute session. What a marvelous world of inquiry I am a part of.

I am currently working on a project with my students that I created while I was at the conference. We are doing an "appsmash" with Explain Everything, ThingLink and Book Creator to make a semester review book for all of my students to use for their exam review.  Click here to access the project information.  The final product will be shared through Google Drive and saved to each student's Evernote portfolio. Stay tuned for the final product! I will post it after their deadline next week.

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