Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Camp...iPad Academy Awards Style!

I am currently in my second year of directing an iPad movie making camp for rising 4th-6th graders for Summer at the Academy held at Norfolk Academy in Virginia.  It is so much fun to work with a different age group than what I teach during the academic year. Having a daily plan is a great guide, but I continue to be amazed at how the kids' ideas bring forth new projects! Feel free to use any ideas or resources you find here!

1. Start small with the iPad and build. Day one was focused on making sure all of the campers know how to use the iPad, how to check them in and out from our cart, and appropriate use. Their only task that day was to make a trailer. Keep it simple.
2. Apps that we are focusing on include iMovie, Explain Everything, My Stop Action, and Green Screen by Do Ink. Keep it simple so that they get used to the apps. This helps keep frustration levels low.

3. Create place for all of the videos you create.  Last year I made a channel on Vimeo. This year I made a camp folder on Drive that contains each students' own folder for storing finished work. Make it accessible to families when camp is done so the kids can share their productions!

4. START WITH PAPER and PENCIL FIRST! It isn't always about the technology! My favorite resources are the trailer planner from Learning in Hand by Tony Vincent and everything found on Jessica Pack's Digital Story Telling Blog!

5.  Have the kids work independently and in groups.  Remind them that many productions are the result of many contributors. Film ideas: stop motion, documentary of camp life, parody of favorite book, etc.

6. Host a film fest at the conclusion of camp! The camp I am doing is a two week camp. We invite families and other campers to join us. I have found some great props and supplies on Oriental Trading to make the event.
7. Do this at home with your own kids! There is no reason you can't make your own family films and host a family academy awards night with your own red carpet! Challenge your neighbors.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

iPad academy awards 2014 from Elizabeth Glassman on Vimeo.

David And Michael's Movie: Extra-Terrestrial Life Form from Elizabeth Glassman on Vimeo.

Micah's Reduce, Reuse, "Tree-Cycle" Movie from Elizabeth Glassman on Vimeo.
Will's Lego Movie from Elizabeth Glassman on Vimeo.

Isabella's Movie: For America from Elizabeth Glassman on Vimeo.