Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The A-MAY-zing Race Anatomy Edition

If you are a teacher, parent, student or anyone who knows any of the above, you know that May is crazy in the world of education! Due to this fast paced daily grind, I neglected posting a new blog that should have been done already! So, this is a blog that explains what I did during the last month of school with my biology classes... The Amazing Race Anatomy Edition.  I have always been a fan of the show, so why not bring it into my classroom? As a way to replace the pop quiz and cover a lot of ground, my colleague, Scott Fowler, and I gave weekly challenges to our students for the different systems of the body. This was a great way to bring some competition and intrigue to those crazy days of May. Thank you to many people who helped this brain child come to life through your innovation and ideas, Tweets and thoughts. Special mention goes to Jodie Deinhammer who provided great information for our reaction time task. Check out her amazing work at and @jdeinhammer on Twitter.

In the following links, you will find resources for the overall project, roadblocks, tasks and assessments. As with any new project, there is room to grow and expand. Overall, it was a success with students and helped with their semester exam review book. Enjoy.

Amazing Race Overview

Amazing Race Grading Information

Amazing Race Roadblocks and Tasks 1-3 (digestive, skeletal, muscular, nervous)

Amazing Race Roadblock and Task 4 (Endocrine/Reproductive)

Amazing Race Roadblock and Task 5 (Immune)

Amazing Race Final Roadblock and Task (Semester Book Creator)

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