Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Exam Review- Book Creator Style

This is my second year of doing a student produced semester exam review project, and this book was even better than the last.  Each student was given one question to answer from the list I provided. I teach 9th grade biology, but this can be adapted to any subject area and any grade level.  The key is being organized, having clear directions, and affording class time to get great results.

Book Creator Exam Review Project Information

To see the final product, use either one of these links:

Book Creator Exam Review Project 2014 ePub Version

Book Creator Exam Review Project 2014 PDF Version

I had the distinct privilege of being a guest speaker for the EdTech Teacher Winter Webinar Series, Creating and Collaborating on eBooks, on December 9, 2014.  I had so much fun talking about how I use Book Creator in my classroom with the genius brains of Beth Holland, Sabba Quidwai, Dan Amos and Nik Chatzopolous.  How great it was to get to talk to the creator of one of my favorite apps! Follow all of them on Twitter if you don't already!

I also need to give a "shout out" to iPad Educators for mentioning this project in their 2014 App Awards in the science category! Congrats to Book Creator for being a featured app.

If you are new to doing this type of project or just want some ideas, here are my main suggestions:

1. Require students to start with paper and pencil to brainstorm and collect thoughts. Once they have revised and edited their work through conversations with classmates and you, add in the technology.

2. As the teacher, choose the book format. If students do not all have the same format, you will not be able to compile them into one final project.

3. Require students to title their work by question number. It will make your life much easier when you merge all of the separate files.

4. Make sure the work is accessible. Not all families have the ability to open ePubs so be certain to provide links to the project in ePub and in PDF formats.

5. Finally, and most essential, have fun with the project and let your students show you what they know.

To learn more ways in which I am using technology in my classroom, follow me on Twitter @eglassman757.

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