Thursday, September 10, 2015

This Little Piggy...Book Creator Lab Manual Project

One of my favorite activities with my students is the Fetal Pig Book Creator Project.  I have always wanted to have my students capture their dissection experience and be the teachers. The results were fantastic. Please check out my resources and some of the fabulous projects the kids made.

Fetal Pig Book Creator Project Information

Fetal Pig Book Creator Project Rubric

I also  put kids in groups based on comfort level. I always like to have one strong leader in the group, and this also gives them a chance to tell me how they feel in a private setting.

Dissection Comfort Survey

As always, be certain to have students save their work as ePub and PDF files so everyone can access their work.

Fetal Pig Book Creator Project Final Lab Books

Student feedback was extremely positive. They felt the assignment/project was time well spent, and their understanding of the anatomy and physiology was deepened.  Practical test results were strong, and having this project as a resource for the final exam was extremely valuable.

Let's hear it for Book Creator!

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